Chase Community Giving Program

Inland Northwest Honor Flight has been nominated to participate in the Chase Community Giving program and we need your help by voting for us using your Chase online account and/or Facebook account.

The voting period runs from 09/06 through 09/19. All Chase customers who have an online account can log into and they will get two votes for the charities listed by Chase. You can not use both votes for the same charity.

Everyone, including Chase Customers, who are Facebook users are eligible to vote as well. If you are a Facebook User and you allow “access” to CHASE COMMUNITY GIVING you will be allowed to cast two votes for the nominated charities. Like the Chase Online customers, these votes must be made for different charities.

However, Chase customers who are also Facebook users can cast one vote for INWHF on Chase and one on Facebook!

Those organizations that get the most votes are eligible for a considerable donation.

Please share this information with your friends and family that are Chase Customers or who use Facebook so that they can cast their votes for Inland Northwest Honor Flight!

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