A Message from Our Director

Inland Northwest Honor Flight is wholly dedicated to transporting every interested World War II Veteran to Washington DC to see the World War II Memorial and other memorials dedicated to the American soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who saved the world not that long ago. We feel that nothing we as Americans can do can fully repay you for your service and sacrifice but hope that an Honor Flight trip will give you a small hint of just how much you are appreciated.

An Honor Flight trip is absolutely free for veterans. The trips occur over a three day period. We travel to DC on day one, tour the memorials on day two and return home on day three. Trips are fully funded by donations from the public-other Americans who also appreciate what you did for us to save the world from oppression and tyranny between December 7th, 1941 and September 2, 1945. Without our WWII Vets we simply would not be enjoying the freedom and liberty we have today and may not even be here at all. In the future we will also be transporting veterans of the wars in Korea and Vietnam to their memorials and anticipate taking veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan to DC once memorials are built to honor their sacrifices. We also currently give top priority to terminally ill veterans of ANY war who wish to see the memorials.

Opportunities are available for others to go on an Honor Flight as well, acting as guardians for the vets. Guardians will be responsible for ensuring the health and safety of three veterans, unless a veteran is in a wheelchair in which case the ratio will be one-to- one. Guardians pay their own expenses for the flights and the expenses are tax deductible. Priority is given to family members of veterans who wish to travel as guardians but anyone is welcome to apply. Space is limited on our trips so applying as a guardian is not a guarantee that you will be able to go on a flight. However, if you are able to go, it is the experience of a lifetime to join the members of the Greatest Generation who almost always say it was THEIR trip of a lifetime.

I have had the great honor and privilege of touring such places as Omaha Beach in Normandy, France and Iwo Jima in the Pacific with men who actually fought there. I did not think anything could equal the emotional experience I had on those trips until I got involved with Honor Flight. To be with the veterans at their memorials and to see their emotions as well as the emotions of grateful Americans who approach them and thank them everywhere we go is overwhelming.

Although every WWII Vet I’ve ever met will reject the label “hero,” we simply do not know what else to call people who collectively saved the world. An Honor Flight is our way, and America’s way, of giving our heroes a long overdue “thank you.”

Tony Lamanna
Inland Northwest Honor Flight

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