Generous Donation from Horizon Hospice

On February 7th, Loren Guske, Administrator of Horizon Hospice and Chris McFaul, Development Director with Horizon, presented board members Tony Lamanna and Mike McNab with a wonderful $5000 donation. Vets who have already been on an Honor Flight, vets going in April, and KREM News were on hand to help celebrate our good fortune.

Chris said, “Loren and I greatly appreciate our freedoms as a nation, and recognize that without the great sacrifice and bravery of our WWII vets, we wouldn’t have these freedoms. We also feel that whatever achievements our generation accomplishes, and whatever advances we make technologically, medically and otherwise, they will only come about because we are standing on the shoulders of some very tall predecessors - the heroes of the Greatest Generation.”

“In today’s society, we are all looking for heroes that do more than score points, sing well or appear in movies. We are looking for substance, courage and selfless commitment to do what is right regardless of the cost. We need look no farther than our veterans who have served faithfully in uniform to preserve the freedoms we so greatly enjoy.”

Chris traveled with his dad, Ed McFaul, on an Honor Flight in July 2010, and called it an amazing experience. “I was greatly blessed to see through the unique perspective of these unassuming and previously unappreciated service men and women. They were humbled and even a bit embarrassed as they graciously enjoyed a well-deserved trip to the memorials and monuments in D.C.” Chris said his dad’s responses were typical; after the first round of hearing “thank you” from the group as we left Spokane, Ed whispered quietly, “They sure are making a big deal out of this.”

Chris said everyone was surprised by the large crowd of well-wishers deplaning in Salt Lake City, and it took them a while for it to register that this applauding, cheering entourage had actually gathered for them! Ed’s next comment, after receiving the second hero’s welcome in Baltimore was “If they keep this up, we may start believing them.”

Honor Flight’s fervent wish is that all our vets do believe us. We believe that they have been unsung heroes long enough. We want them to know just how much we appreciate them, for all that they endured, and for all that they made possible for our generation and the generations after ours.


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